Vechnaya zhizn Aleksandra Khristoforova

The misanthrope Alexander Christoforov, nicknamed "Alec", is a hopeless loser. The actor, who was celebrated in the Soviet era as the hero of "Eugene Onegin", is carving out a depressing existence as a bad paid figure of a ridicule historical show. Despised by his ex-wife, alienated from his son, Alec has totally screwed up his life. But when diagnosed with a mortal illness, he sets off on a ludicrous tour de force at the end of which a piece of eternity surprisingly awaits him - A comedy with a happy end.

Added: 2021-05-29 14:17:24

Release: 2018

Language: Russian

Duration: 1 hr 44 min

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Genres: Comedy